Is your Loyalty Card rewarding you?
Or is it just giving your profits away to your customers?

SMART-Loyalty is a loyalty card system that can be adapted to suit any garden centre, general retailer, clinic or business that wants to use their data to improve their performance.

By understanding your customers better, you can communicate more effectively with them and grow your business intelligently. SMART-Loyalty provides simple to follow dashboard technology to measure results and manage your future campaigns to achieve your business goals. 

Not just another loyalty card system

An intelligent Loyalty Card system

Most loyalty card systems are all about giving points and rewarding customers. We do that too, but we go much further in making your card work for you too. We view the process of rewarding customers as the cost that allows you to identify and understand your customers.

Unless your customers are spending tens of thousands of pounds with you, your 1% reward scheme isn’t going to seriously affect their behaviour, but your ability to communicate with them more effectively will reward you with more visits, spend and number of active customers. 

SMART-Loyalty focusses on segmentation, profiling and analytics rather than giving any your hard earned profits to anyone who could be bothered to pick you your “free loyalty card”. Anyone can give away discounts, but only SMART businesses manage their customers to grow their profits. 

We use your data from your EPOS, clinic booking system or coach management system to provide you with unparalled insight into your customers, their behaviour and activity.

With the information at your finger tips you can use our tools to communicate with them to drive your business growth profitably.

SMART Customer Management 

Stop treating all your customers the same - manage them according to their behaviours, potential and opportunity. You manage your stock, staff, finances and buildings. Why not manage your customers?

Reward them, incentivise them, communicate with them, promote them, even sack them. Customers are your most valuable resource. Most businesses don't even know who they are.

With SMART-Loyalty not only will you know who your customer are, but which ones are key to your success and need retaining, which ones need nurturing and developing and which ones simply cost you to serve them. 

Focus your Marketing Budget

Are you wasting 1/2 of your marketing budget? Most businesses are.

By using SMART-Loyalty, you’ll know whether to focus on customer recruitment, visit frequency, average spend or customer retention.

Get all the metrics working in the right direction and benefit from exponential results

Analyse results, maximise returns and learn from previous campaigns to optimise your communication strategies.

In turn deliver better membership satisfaction and a greater bottom line. 

More than just a Loyalty system

SMART-Loyalty integrates with a toolkit of complimentary marketing systems to take advantage of the information that you will have access to.

SMART-Websites, SMART-Mail, SMART-Texts, SMART-Surveys, and SMART-Map modules can be used to understand and communicate with your database with relevant, timely and trackable messages to influence the behaviours you desire from your customers.

SMART-Cube reporting gives you ultimate drill down analysis of your information so you can develop strategies to build your business through your data.

Industry Specific Modules


SMART-Loyalty was originally created for the UK garden centre market to enable the growing industry to take advantage of the increasing data being generated through their EPOS systems.

Other retailers include department stores, online stores and farmshops.

If you run a clinic or salon style business, SMART-Clinic extends SMART-Loyalty's ability to understand all your clients and not just your loyalty card clients.

Spot trends and gaps in you bookings, resources and customer behaviour and use SMART-Clinic to maximise your clinic sales.

Optional Modules

These optional modules interface directly with SMART-Loyalty

Add a customer login to your existing website so your clients can update their details, view their transaction histories and rewards and access exclusive content.

Keep your marketing emailing database in sync with SMART-Loyalty, generate HTML emails, build campaigns and send targeted messages to your customers with ease.

SMS is the most Instant and effective way to communicate with your clients. Build your contact lists based on customer behaviour and activity.

Track your customer's feelings towards your brand by introducing customer satisfaction surveys so you can improve your business

Visualise where your customers are coming from, where they are not coming from and more importantly where you could find more customers

Export all your reports to CSV, XLS or use our in built SMART-Cube reporting system to drill down and analyse the results and reports in SMART-Loyalty

If you think this is what your company needs but it is all too much and you just won't have the time, then use our outsourced services so you can get on with doing your job and we'll do it all for you!


Contact us to find out more about SMART-Loyalty and we'll send you a link to view some sample screens and reports

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